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Sticking Together

Monday, June 24, 2013

The recent International Sign Association Expo featured hundreds of exhibitors and a number of educational seminars about sign technology, signage solutions and marketing through signage.  An area of interest that was included in a seminar and many demonstrations was the advancement in structural adhesives.  For signage professionals and customers alike, fresh technology in structural adhesives is great news. Structural adhesives allow us to assemble signs without welding, screws or nuts and bolts.  Adhesives open up a whole new area of design so that materials that ordinarily could not work together for signage become compatible.  Plastics can bond with metal, composites can adhere to metal alloys. Adhesives are more flexible and cost-effective in the manufacturing process, which leads to a more cost-effective end product for our customers.

Some of the new adhesive technologies perform extremely well in low-temperature situations, making them ideal for outdoor signage.   Their manufacturers have made them environmentally friendly as well as strong.  The adhesives will hold up in constant sunlight, humid conditions and in beach locations where salt spray is a factor.   Even the dispensing methods are advancing, making sign installation much easier.  The adhesives are self-leveling and can reach nooks and crannies effectively.   Dispensers measure just the right amount of adhesive for the weight of the sign. 

All of these advances equal great signage design – both indoors and outdoors.  If your signage professional recommends adhesive connectors, stick with it – it’s a strong bond.

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