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Stop the Y-awning -- Wake Up Your Entry With a Bright Awning

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

restaurant awningAwnings are a great way to perk up your storefront or building.  A canopy can protect the building and customers from the heat in the summer and provide some lively business signage.  Consider giving that tired, hot entry area a facelift, both for comfort and for promotional value.  Your signage professional can recommend the best type of awning.

Manufacturers are providing newer and more durable materials as well as innovative print methods.  Solar fabrics, canvas and tightly woven polyesters provide ideal shade and are designed to be weather-resistant and fade-resistant.  They will also accept the most current printing processes.  Choose from stripes, patterns and solids, keeping in mind your logo colors and how they will blend with the awning fabric.  The awning, emblazoned with your company name and logo, and even a short tag line, will now be the first impression for your customers both visually and practically.  Backlit awnings allow graphics to be lit at night, so that the message isn’t lost in the dark.

A canopy can offer respite from the rain, wind or beating sun, and provides a brief transition area between the busy sidewalk and the store floor or office lobby.   It’s a place to open and close an umbrella, check personal electronic devices and have a sheltered conversation.  It’s an easy and obvious meeting place and becomes a landmark of sorts for local consumers.  “Meet me under the Bluewater Signs awning,” becomes a household phrase, and calls up a visual picture for the consumer.   

So stop yawning and start the awning – by talking to a signage professional who can give you a wide variety of exciting awning choices.

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