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ADA Signage – More Advantages Than You Think

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ADA signage – it’s required and it’s important.  If you’re inclined to simply meet the minimum requirements, you should rethink your strategy.  First, ADA signage is more permanent than most of your other signage.  The signage is a necessity and the standards are certainly not going to be relaxed.  

Consider that ADA signage also serves as directional signage in your building.  Ask yourself where you want customers to go when they enter your building?  How do you help them find what they are looking for?  If you have a frustrated customer coming in the door because they couldn’t find their way due to poor signage, you’re already off on the wrong foot.  The frustrated customer will make it difficult on your staff and it will reflect poorly on your business.  On the other hand, well-done signage of any type will make your customers happy – subliminally or not.  In turn, they will be more pleasant when they reach your sales floor.  Happy customers are more likely to buy.  

Your sign professional can help you to be sure you are in compliance with ADA requirements, and at the same time recommend the best signage for you.  You may be surprised at the flexibility available for the design.  It can blend with your décor and make an elegant statement.  As long as the typeface size, readability and materials comply with the ADA guidelines, you can have impactful signage that serves your purposes along with the ADA’s.  Contact your custom sign manufacturer to learn how.

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