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Looking to Make an Impact in the Advertising World? Consider Custom Vehicle Wraps from Blue Water Signs

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whether you’re a new business or simply looking to take your advertising to the next level,  Blue Water Signs offers a wide number of custom signage options for stimulating your revenue. One of our most unique signage options comes in the form of car wraps. With the variety of colors, styles and sizes that we offer, your business has plenty of choices when it comes to creating your own personalized wraps. Take at look at the following benefits of using these tools for your business:

Variety of Colors and Styles

It may seem obvious, but the biggest benefit of custom vehicle wraps is the ability to print and apply to your vehicle graphics with literally millions of colors, and to choose from over 70 different native colors of manufactured wrap materials – including metallic and carbon fibers. There are limitless possibilities for design when it comes to shapes, colors, styles and themes, all of which can be created and tweaked based on your vision. Our staff at Blue Water Signs values the importance of open communication to ensure that your company’s vision is fully realized in the final product.

Ability to Create a Unique Look

Given the possibilities discussed above, customized car wraps are typically one-of-a-kind, which is especially good from a business standpoint. Standing out from the crowd is a great way to draw attention to your brand and get people interested, something that our signs are great at doing. Of course, even for personal events such as weddings and formal functions, having a unique look is always a plus.

They Pay for Themselves

Although many people pass up on custom advertising opportunities with car wraps and other types of signage due to the costs, the reality is that customized signs will pay for themselves when used for business purposes. Creative and eye-catching signs will not only increase traffic to your business, they will raise awareness of your brand and lead to increased revenue, ultimately paying for the initial cost of the sign and then some.

At Blue Water Signs, our quality design techniques and commitment to personalizing the process as much as possible will ensure that you end up with a sign that matches your vision and benefits your business.  If you are looking for more information on car wraps or other personalized signage options from Blue Water Signs, feel free to give us a call at 410-420-2400 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

The Benefits of Using Colored Car Wraps from Blue Water Signs

Friday, February 06, 2015

With plenty of advancements in the recent years, car wraps have evolved into one of the most effective ways to create a unique appearance on your car. At Blue Water Signs, the metallic colors of the base material of our wraps possess the same depth and sparkle as a car finish, making them ideal choices to improve your car’s appearance.. In addition, Blue Water Signs car wraps offer businesses of all kinds the following benefits:

Increased Longevity of Materials

Over the years, the choices of car wrap laminate have increased and given much more opportunity for durability. Our materials come straight from the manufacturer with UV protection built in, increasing their longevity for their various applications. For example, horizontal application of our Avery SW 900 Supreme wrapping film possesses an outdoor durability of 12 years for black and white, 8 years for color, 6 years for metallic and 4 years for clear; vertical application is listed at 2 years.

Wide Variety of Colors

Color variety is also vast, with the Avery and 3M brands combined offering 70 colors including matte, gloss, and metallic finishes. When taking all manufacturers into consideration the possibilities for your custom vehicle wrap are almost endless, with a variety of carbon fiber options and pearlescent finishes for maximum customization.

Continuous Improvement

The color wrap industry is still fairly young, meaning the advancements in variety and quality mentioned above are only just the beginning. As the years go on, further research will continue to lead to more advancements and improvements.

We wrapped the following Boyle Buick vehicle in-house to exemplify the possibilities offered by our wraps. Initially blue, our wrap took advantage of gloss black, carmine red, and metallic silver colors, with the overlays on the door utilizing Avery cast wrap materials to create the Boyle logo.

 Car Wraps

With the continuous improvement of colored car wraps seen in the last few years, the future is very promising for the industry and shows no signs of slowing down. For anyone looking to spruce up the appearance of their car and show off their custom color car wraps,  Blue Water Signs will provide you with everything that you need. For more information or to inquire about an estimate, give us a call at 410 - 420 – 2400.

Mobilize Your Signage

Friday, October 10, 2014

HGH Mechanical vehicle wrapIf you’re not advertising your business to the mobile audience, you’re missing the boat – or bus, car or truck, as it were. We’re talking about vehicle wraps that take your business name and image anywhere and everywhere. A vehicle wrap on a car or truck will reach consumers of all ages, income and backgrounds. It will reach people outside their homes – in parking lots, traffic-snarled streets and open highways. A single vehicle wrap garners between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, 96 percent of Americans traveled in a vehicle as either a driver or a passenger in the last week. The average American travels 302 miles in a week. In addition, desirable consumers with disposable income – those who have household incomes of $75,000 or more -- are the most frequent commuters. Reaching these spenders while they’re a captive audience in their cars is a smart strategy. Your logo and key message wrapped on a car or truck can be attention-getting and eye-opening. In fact, advertising on a fleet vehicle boosts name recognition 15 times more than other advertising media.

Vehicle wraps can be extremely cost-effective, and they are long-lasting. Consult your professional sign manufacturer for the latest in vehicle wrap materials that will give you vivid color and outstanding quality. Once you calculate the cost per impression, you’ll be hooked – this method of advertising is by far the most cost-effective there is. As long as you use it for awareness purposes and aren’t driven to put too much information on your wrap, you’ll be successful. Keep it meaningful and usable for any time frame and any audience. Your company logo, tag line, web address and possibly a phone number are all you need. You’ll turn heads and get inside heads for purchasing decisions.

Materials to Wrap By

Friday, May 23, 2014

car wrapThe vehicle wrap industry is evolving by implementing new technologies that allow quicker, more efficient wrapping of vehicles and also provide long-lasting benefits. The basic materials allow much flexibility in coverage and design, as well as life span and cost. Car wraps are most commonly printed on vinyl film and laminated for higher protection. Try researching all of the options and your head will be spinning. It’s best to review your needs with a signage or print professional and explore the recommended options. Often, sign professionals have a material preference for a reason – they have had success with it.

Vinyl film offers a solution for virtually every surface – from smooth to textured. It mimics paint all the way down to the gloss level. It also provides the flexibility of solid or variegated colors or designs. Color change wraps are becoming more popular in both the personal vehicle market and the commercial fleet market. The film is available in any color imaginable, and it can be matched to the car’s original color or matched to a company’s corporate colors. Several film manufacturers also offer chrome finishes that are designed for mirrors and accents.

Cast vinyl is recommended for durability and ease-of-use, lasting up to five years and maintaining the brightness and depth of colors when printed. Though it can be costly, cast vinyl is flexible for vehicle application, stretching to the shape of the vehicle, and it can look similar to a glossy paint when completed. A less expensive vinyl is calendared, and it is a good solution for short-term, flat wraps that are serving as signage or protection. Calendared vinyl is less expensive and more difficult to use for vehicle wraps because of its lack of stretch and conformity to vehicles.

In addition, specialty wrap materials are available for unique or high-end needs. They include carbon fiber, brushed metal, and gloss and matte finish materials that are highly flexible and durable. For any wrap, insist on brand-name materials – these are durable and flexible and usually guaranteed for satisfaction.

The Rap on Wraps – Advertise it here!

Friday, March 21, 2014

vehicle wrapVehicle wraps serve several purposes: protecting paint against wear and tear, changing the vehicle’s look and as advertising. For beginning advertisers, there are a few ways to get more rap for your wrap. Here’s why:

  1. It Moves! Vehicle wraps are moving billboards – if you think outdoor advertising is worth it, a vehicle wrap beats a highway billboard, hands down. Advertising on a vehicle wrap is like moving your highway billboard all over Maryland.
  2. It Grooves! Vehicle wraps are cool. They can turn an ordinary car into an attention-getting advertisement. They can also turn an ordinary ad into something people will read – on the go.
  3. It Soothes! Whether it’s just your company logo and tag line or a full-blown message to your customer, the idea of advertising on a moving vehicle is still novel enough that people will do a double-take – just long enough to see the “sponsor” of the crazy moving billboard.
  4. It adds value! In a nutshell, it gives you more bang for your buck. Your cost per impression goes down the more you drive the car around town or park it in a lot where your target audience plans to be.
  5. Keep it short! A shorter message is a more effective message. Or, as they say, “less is more.” Your car wrap can be memorable and attractive, without all the bells and whistles. Bold, vibrant graphics and large, readable lettering are what will ideally communicate your message to your customer and to many more potential customers.

Wraps Are the Rage

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great Cookie vehicle wrapVehicle wraps continue to be the rage for both car aficionados and businesses wanting to do mobile advertising – literally. From Pinterest to Facebook, people are sharing images of wraps and “liking” them by the hundreds. Leopard print, zebra-stripe, hot pink and logo’d doors --- the creativity is endless. Ford Motor Company is marketing a commercial graphics tool that allows viewers to choose a Ford commercial vehicle and see how it will look in a wrap. Users can design the wrap, place it on the vehicle, see it from five viewing angles, zoom in and out and share the image on social media.

Once you decide to join the fun, talk to a professional about designing and applying the wrap. Application can be done by any number of professionals, but the key is just that – find a professional. A signage professional trained in applying car wraps can help in several ways. First, design: a signage professional knows can easily translate his expertise in design and messaging on signs to a vehicle wrap. The exciting part is that message can now go almost 3D. The signage professional has the graphic knowledge to make the colors “pop” and the design unforgettable. He will be familiar with the most durable materials to use both for the vehicle itself and for the local weather conditions. Finally, he knows the painstaking process of application so that the material is seamless around the car or truck.

Wraps can last for several years, and from their popularity, it looks like they’ll still be the rage in a few years.

Time to Camouflage Your Truck?

Friday, February 14, 2014

camo truck wrap rearWith today's wrap materials, if you want your truck or SUV to really stand out, consider the new camouflage wrap materials. Vehicle wraps are becoming more popular all the time, and now there are a number of Camo patterns that are available for either full wraps or accent kits, like rocker panels or wheel flares. Wraps are manufactured out of premium 3M Cast Vinyls and 3M Matte Cast Overlaminates. Two of the biggest names in camo are Mossey Oak and Real Tree.

Patterns available in the Real Tree patterns are:
  • Max4,
  • RealXT,
  • RealATG,
  • Max-1,
  • REALSNOW, and
Patterns available in the Mossey OAk line are:
  • Infinity,
  • Break,
  • ShadowGrass,
  • Obsession,
  • Treestand,
  • Duck Blind,
  • Bottomland,
  • Brush,
  • Break Up Pink, and
  • Winter.

No matter if your passion is bow hunting deer, upland game hunting or waterfowl, there is a camo pattern that will make your truck show your real passion.


Wrap Up the Season

Monday, October 21, 2013

vehicle wrapWith the beautiful weather Harford County has been enjoying this fall, there have been more opportunities for people to be outdoors. They’re tailgating and pumpkin-picking and just wandering through nature before having to wrap up for winter. It’s a great season to capture their attention at festivals, carnivals and sporting events with a memorable, moving billboard. It’s easy to do – all you need is a car or truck and a signage professional.

You can turn your vehicle into a double-duty machine. Add a vehicle wrap. It’s a multi-purpose strategy for businesses who want to reach people constantly. Vehicle wraps protect and project. First, the wrap protects your car or truck from the elements and keeps the paint looking like new. Or, a wrap can increase the longevity of a poor-looking vehicle by hiding the flaws and turning it into a moving advertising sign. Second, a vehicle wrap projects your company’s image – whether it’s a logo, graphic design or lettering. It garners impressions with a wide audience every time the vehicle is on the road. For that matter, parked in a strategic location, your vehicle can provide messaging to a crowd of football fans, concert attendees or shoppers.

The newest wrap materials can make the most detailed logos look like a high-definition picture. The colors are brighter, the graphics more accurate and when properly applied to the vehicle, the wrap looks like paint. Wraps have a life span of about four years – imagine the number of people who will see your logo or message in that time period! It makes a $2,000-$3,000 investment seem to be well worth it. Wrap up your fall season and get ready for winter with a professional vehicle wrap and watch your company awareness soar.

Trailer Graphics: From Simple to Complex

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

trailer graphics 02From yard service companies to racing groups, they all tow some type of trailer.  Many companies have started to make use of all the assorted trailers that allow them to haul extra equipment and often leave that equipment in the trailer so it is ready to go anytime.  That trailer is a canvas for advertising.  Every time a lawn service stops in front of a house to mow the lawn, the trailer is right in front of the house advertising the whole time.  When a car dealer sets up a trailer to go to shows, they not only are seen at the show site, but are seen on the road on the way to and from the show.  What do you do with that trailer when not in use?  Park it in the parking lot where everyone can see as they pass by.  It is another form of vehicle graphics, but one that can be a great static sign for your company. 

Graphics on a trailer can be as simple as lettering, lettering with some digital wrap components, or a full wrap of the trailer.   For simple open landscaping trailers, find a place to attach a metal sign with all your information that will be seen when the trailer is driven and parked.  The bottom line is to make good use of that free advertising space because every time you drive to a site, you have the potential to find your next important customer.

If you are interested in trailer graphics for your business, contact Blue Water Signs today.

 trailer graphics 01

trailer graphics 03 

Wrappin’ It Up

Friday, June 28, 2013

vehicle wrapThis summer, vehicle wraps are big for cars, trucks and boats.  The wraps are effective for both business advertising and paint protection.  If you own a business and want a great moving billboard, consider wrapping your own car, truck or van with a custom-designed wrap that showcases your logo or your business.  It’s a cost-effective way to advertise in lots of locations.  Or, if you simply want to protect your vehicle or call attention to it, wraps are a great solution.  Today’s wrap materials are durable and attractive and by using the right application techniques, the wraps are seamless.

Be sure to enlist the help of a signage professional who has a track record of successful wrapping.  Often, he or she will work with a vehicle specialist.  Together, this team will make sure the content of the wrap is right for your needs – from the graphic design to the material – and they’ll professionally apply the wrap.  While it’s a cost-effective process, it’s also a time-consuming one when done properly. 

Make sure your sign professional has a climate-controlled environment for the installation.  Too much heat or humidity will affect the wrap adhesive.  The vehicle will have to be carefully measured and the wrap material custom fit, stretched properly and aligned.  The seams should be sealed properly and given time to “relax.”  Prep time and curing time are also required on the front and back ends of the installation.  These processes will ensure a secure wrap, and they will give the installer the time to make sure there is no peeling or warping. 

If you’re jumping on the wrap trend, take the time wrap it up right.

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