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Sign Design

Friday, August 24, 2012

Whether you’re looking for signage for Maryland trade show displays, Maryland boat wraps or any type of custom signs in Maryland, keep in mind the importance of design. It’s easy to think that you can design your own sign. Come up with the message, choose a font, a color and a signage type, and you’re set to go, right? Who needs a designer?

You do! Professional graphics designers are important in the process of creating your signage. Your signs are part of your overall company image. They are prominently displayed and give your business a personality. If you’re signs aren’t doing this, they should be – that’s where graphic design comes into play. The placement of your logo, the complimentary colors, and even the type of ink used on your sign can all make a difference.

Professional graphics designers are trained to make sure your signs have the highest possible impact.  When selecting a sign company, ask about graphic design. The designer should meet with you and help you to create or reinforce your brand through your signs. If you don’t have a logo, the designer can create one. If you already have one, the designer should be able to recommend the best types of signage that will translate your logo effectively.  For example, some logos would not translate well to a 3-D sign or a channel letter sign, but might be better suited for an etched sign. The graphics designer will make clear suggestions for you to consider. He or she will also follow the signage creation process through to the finish, making sure the images are sharp and clean, that the printing is done properly and the design balanced.   

Make sign design a priority. Make sure your sign company offers this service…when people respond to your sign, you’ll be glad you did!

Getting On The Right Channel

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perception is reality, they say. You can be the best business in Harford County, but if people perceive your product quality or service as poor, then that’s your reputation until you prove otherwise. In creating a business identity, decide how you want to be perceived. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to put behind a branding campaign, you can still make yourself look strong within your marketplace.

Use your business signage as part of that perception. You can make a big impression, no matter what the size of your organization. It starts with your image and your first impression. In many instances, that first impression is your business sign. One of the most distinct styles of signage that will help you make a big impression is a channel letter sign. Because channel lettering seems imposing, you can make a bold statement. Most local sign ordinances only count the actual square footage of the letter faces, allowing you to have a bigger presence if you choose channel lettering. This type of signage also affords you many options – illuminated or not, open-faced neon or plexiglass covered, and reverse channel lettering with or without lighting. You can create the perception of whimsy, seriousness or elegance with your signage – customized for your needs.

Your outdoor signage can capture your customer’s attention with a great first impression. Then it’s up to you to be on the right channel to turn that perception into reality once they walk in the door.

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