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Five Monumental Reasons To Use Monument Signs

Friday, March 07, 2014

Carroll County monument signIf your business has the space for an outdoor monument sign, don’t hesitate to invest in one. It’s the first impression of your business and your building, not to mention an advertisement to every person passing by. Some statistics report that at least half of customers buy your product because of your outdoor signage. If that’s not monumental enough, consider five other reasons monument signage might work for you:

  1. Customized. A monument sign is custom made. You and your signage professional decide on the design. The shape, color, lettering or material should work together to reflect your business image and blend with the surrounding environment. There’s a reason it’s called “monument.” It’s meant to be a beacon for your business. It can (and should) include your business logo and name and any other customized elements you want your customers to see.
  2. Material choices. Because it’s custom made, a monument sign allows a choice of materials. You can select from durable, lightweight material like Peachtree Foam, or go the natural route of brick or stone. Either material will be sturdy and long lasting. The lightweight version takes only a few hours to install onsite and it looks solid and weighty.
  3. Illumination. Whether it’s an LED sign or back-lit lettering, monument signs can be strategically lit so that your sign can be seen 24/7.
  4. Weather-resistant. Weathering the fluctuating weather in Maryland can be a challenge for any outdoor item. Properly built signage contains drainage systems for rain and snow. Maintenance prevents fading and damage from extreme heat or cold. Correct installation includes preparation of the ground around the sign so that any expansion or contraction due to heat or cold does not affect the sign itself. There should be no “settling” or movement of a properly installed monument sign.
  5. Long life. Despite a monumental investment now, in the long run, a monument sign will prove its value. Monument signs last well over 15 years – both the lightweight foam signs and the traditional brick or stone masonry signs.

Golden Rules for School Signage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you’re part of a committee or team for a new or remodeled school building, you’ve probably identified school signage as one more thing you’ll require as the project nears completion. Or, if your child’s school needs new signage, you’ll want to know the options before you propose it to the PTA or the school board.

Custom business signs such as monument signs or architectural graphic signs are good choices for schools. You must check your city or town ordinances regarding size restrictions prior to choosing a sign. Also, the signs must comply with the new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), having such characteristics as non-glare backgrounds and easy-to-read typefaces. Finally, the sign should reflect your school’s needs and school spirit – whether it’s a versatile sign with magnetic letters, or a digital sign that can change its message hourly.

Once you decide on the sign type and have it installed by a qualified Maryland sign professional, make sure your school keeps it clean through each season. Dirt and grime should be cleaned regularly, and you should check with your custom sign manufacturer about how to remove any possible graffiti. Also, if it is a sign whose message must be changed by hand, make sure there’s a plan in place to do that. Don’t let outdated messages remain on the sign – it’s wasted time and space that can be used for other messages. It’s also a poor reflection on the school. Keep the messages fresh, short and upbeat. Passersby will have only a few seconds to read the messages, even if the sign says, “Have a Great Summer.”

Monumental Strides In Sign Design

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Commercial signage requires a strong, sturdy material that has a long life span. A monument sign is a good option for permanent outdoor signage, but so often the materials take a beating from the weather, the materials are difficult to match with other sign faces, and the brick and stone can take weeks to install, adding to the cost of labor. One manufacturer has mastered an exclusive design that is economical, long-lasting and easy to install – in hours rather than days. Peachtree City Foamcraft’s lightweight foam material is covered with Poly-Armor hard coat, which has proven durable and customizable for our Maryland sign clients.

The standard single-sided foam panel is about four inches thick, and it houses 3/8-inch raised letters. It is sprayed with a 100 percent acrylic finish. The letters can be painted any color. The technology used in the material allows it to expand and contract without cracking, rotting or delaminating as a result of weather or other factors. One Harford County church has tried the sign material with great success. The post and panel sign took less than an hour to install, and it continues to look like new despite already seeing the rain, wind, sleet and sun of Harford County weather.

Peachtree Foamcraft’s monument signs go through a rigorous testing program that is designed to meet current standards imposed by federal and state departments. The material also endures complete environmental testing, and has been certified to withstand winds of up to 180 mph. For more information on PolyArmor signs, visit

A Little Old and A Little New

Friday, February 04, 2011

Hand carved sign: Piqua Country ClubThe sign industry is ever changing with new materials coming out every month. Improvements in standard vinyls as well as the changes that we have seen in the print vinyl are astronomical at times. But when you look at a blend of old technology and new age materials, the best place to see these blend together is when you see carved and hand painted signs used with new style monument signs.

Hand carved wood signs have been around since the beginning of signs. As they progressed, they were not just carved, but they were carved and painted. Later, these signs were masked and then sand blasted to remove material, and later even the use of routers and CNC routers were used to make the signs. But, after all the ways to produce the sign, it is still hand painted by a sign maker that is truly an artist. These signs are first painted with three or more primer coats and then the finished coats are applied.

Carved wood sign: Olde MillIn the past, if you wanted to mount these to a monument sign, the monument was created by either a stone or brick mason and they worked with the sign makers to assure there were ways to mount the sign to the stone. Now, enter the new technology. The Peachtree Monument sign is manufactured in a factory using proprietary foam and coatings that are designed to give the monument sign years of durability. These signs are designed and manufactured to easily allow your hand carved and painted sign to be attached so it looks like they were manufactured together. The photos show a true stone monument sign and a Peachtree monument sign, but both have carved signs attached.

Progress in the sign industry has been able to produce items faster and with less expense than in the past, but there is always a place where the old and the new can meet.

Let us help you determine the sign that helps you meet your needs, be it old or new.

Why a Foamcraft Monument sign?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Customers sometimes ask us why we recommend Foamcraft Monument Signs so frequently (and vehemently!). To get right to the point, here are the two main reasons:
Durability - Won't rot or rust because it is made from all synthetic construction. Others using Urethane or Dryvit do not compare to the durability. Hybrid Plastic Polymer Hard Coat is tougher than the standard coatings. Watch the hammer test video and see for yourself!

Versatile - Use the raised or recessed option for your signs and they are part of the monument so there is less chance for vandalism, no fasteners or glue to fail. These signs also allow for the installation of routed or other sign panels, LED message centers, Illuminated cabinets, solar or conventional lighting fixtures along with Hand Sculpted Stone and Accents. You can choose from over 50 standard models or have it custom manufactured.

In short, businesses, churches and other establishments need their exterior signage to be durable, and protected from both weather and vandals. We have found Foamcraft to be the best product on the market for overall durability in monument signage.

Monument Signs Installation

Friday, September 17, 2010

Do you want to add a monument sign to distinguish your campus or business location? Do you want to do this without disrupting the area for a few weeks to have it installed?

The you should consider a pre-made foam monument sign for the job. These signs have become a regular addition to businesses across the company and can be installed in a matter of hours, not weeks.

These synthetic signs are durable and long lasting and can enhance you property without weeks of interruptions. Want to see how? Check out the video.


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