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Hold Up Your Signs

Saturday, January 21, 2012

You’ve just invested in a vinyl banner that looks fabulous. How are you going to hang it? Or, you have an awesome big screen LED panel inside your lobby that’s full of company messages, but it’s sitting on a metal file cabinet at waist level. If you want effective signage, remember that hanging the sign is as important as the sign itself. Signage accessories are numerous throughout Harford County and most are quite functional. Your signage professional should ask during the design process how you want to hang the sign, and then make recommendations for the best design.

For example, vinyl banners can be made with pockets on any side that allow them to be mounted on unobtrusive poles or stands. Clips, roping and brackets are also among the alternatives. If the mounting device will be seen, you’ll need to consider whether or not you want it to blend or contrast with the sign. Choose sturdy mounts – there’s nothing worse than a sign flapping in a brisk Harford County wind or hanging on an angle because of faulty or weak mounting brackets. Even a poster deserves a secure strip of double-sided sticky tape that won’t fall down.

For digital signage, choose stands or brackets that are made specifically for the monitor. These are tested for strength and are designed to hold the weight of the monitor safely. Signs should be at or above eye level. Adjustable stands or brackets are ideal.

Make your sign brackets or mounts part of your design plan. They can enhance your sign and your company’s image.

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