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Let the Wind Blow

Friday, September 12, 2014
If you’re using vinyl banners for outdoor signage this Fall, here are a few tips for both storing and hanging them so they are secure and stable even in windy or stormy weather.

First, start with the banner construction process.  Take into consideration the banner’s purpose, use and location.  Details like location will influence the material selection.  For example, indoor banners use light-weight scrim materials, but outdoor banners that may be subjected to the elements require a heavier, more durable material.  Web mesh can be added to the banner for additional strength.  Next, your signage professional will recommend ways to hang the banner and design it according to your needs.  Banners can be secured in a variety of ways, but many of the methods require a manufacturing process.  One way to secure vinyl banner is by using ropes sewn into the material for weight and support.  Or, if the banner will be hung on poles, it can be manufactured with pole pockets.  

All banners should have hemmed, or finished, sides on all four sides.  This not only gives the banner a more professional appearance, it gives it some reinforcement and weight around the edges to protect it from damage.  Corners can be further reinforced and grommets can be incorporated into the edges.  Your signage professional will also provide recommendations for grommet placement around the banner.  The more grommets, the less stress placed on the corners of the banner.  Strategic grommet placement results in a flat, fully stretched banner that lasts longer. 

Finally, ask for storage recommendations for your banner and follow them carefully for maximum banner life.  In general, never fold vinyl banners.  You’ll get creases and fold marks that are difficult to remove –no, they won’t just “hang out.”  When rolling banners, roll the printed side inward to protect it, but be sure it doesn’t stick to itself.  Store the banner in a cylindrical tube in a temperature-controlled environment.  

Hire a Pro To Install That Signage

Friday, November 22, 2013

freestanding signDon’t be a DIY. Don’t be a do-it-yourselfer, especially with your signage. It’s important to have a professional sign manufacturer install your sign for several reasons. First, he or she can “sneak a peek” at the type of signage you’re planning and provide feedback both on sign maintenance and installation. Second, even with freestanding signs, it’s best to have them professionally installed. These professionals install several signs a day, and hundreds in a week. They know how to position them so they will be as safe as possible against stormy weather. They also take into consideration the drive-by factor, the property size and shape, the easements and the town rules on signage size and installation. If at any time they have a concern, they should voice it to you so that you can provide direction on the next steps to take.

Be sure your signage professional has experience in the installation method you select. Signs can be mounted to the side of a building, fence, wall or door by drilling holes and hanging the sign. They can also be mounted to a pole or to a mounting stand. Larger signs that are specially designed for your business may have many other requirements. For example, a monument sign requires ground to be prepared ahead of time to be sure that the monument sign can withstand the contraction and expansion of the ground during freezing and thawing in the winter. Vinyl banners also need careful attention when being installed inside and outside. Inside, they need a sturdy anchor like a railing or a wall. Outside, the installer needs to check the wind factor and design a sign that will be supported against the wind and other elements. Supports can be rope, web mesh, pole pockets or grommets. Your professional sign manufacturer can be a wealth of information and service, if you let him know your objectives and your needs. He’ll help make your job easier.

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