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Window Perf Finishing

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

window perf 01Window perf has shown that it has many benefits, from advertising to heat reduction.  It is also a great way to create some privacy.  Window perf is a vinyl that has between 30% and 50% of the surface punched out. After window perf is applied, only your printed graphics are visible on the outside of the window, but from the inside of the window, you can still see through the window to view outside.

After we print the graphics, how do you protect the ink and materials from the sun and elements? In most cases, we use what is referred to as a "hard" laminate.   This is a clear vinyl film that has a pressure sensitive adhesive that we laminate to the front of the window perf.  On vehicles, it is essential to use a laminate that has properties of being clear, often referred to as "Crystal Clear."  Optically, this is the best match when using window perf on vehicles.  What about in a retail situation?   There are a couple of choices.

  1. Use a clear hard laminate
  2. Use a liquid laminate

We know about the hard laminate, but what about the liquid laminate? It is either sprayed or rolled on, and performs the job of protecting the print from the elements and UV light damage.  The advantages over a hard laminate are that the liquid laminate is less expensive to apply, and the installation is easier and often less time consuming.   The liquid laminate protects the material just as well as a hard laminate against the elements, but not against physical damage like scratching.  The one drawback is that it is more time consuming to remove than when a hard laminate is used; however, liquid laminate is on glass, which is usually one of the easiest places to remove vinyl.

If you are interested in window perf for the windows on your business's building or vehicle(s), contact Blue Water Signs today.

window perf 02 

window perf 03

Window Perf- Something Other Than Just Advertising

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Did you ever have a problem where the sun just makes it too hot when it comes through the windows?  

Establishments often spend lots of money to install blinds or window cover to help reduce the amount of heat that is coming into a location.  Do you want to reduce the effects of the sun as well as improve your presence with your customers by advertising your business?  Window Perf could be the answer.  Window Perf is a vinyl material that has a percentage of the area punched out to allow light to come through and you to see out.  From the outside you see full color graphics and when looking out from the inside you see the outside world.

Reducing the effects of the sun was the main concern of one of Blue Water Sign's customers.  In the winter months when the angle of the sun is low it shines through the retail entrance of Wockenfuss Candies' new space.  The answer was a combination of window perf and window tint.  A window film that rejects approximately 50% of the total solar energy was used on the primary doors so customers could still see when they approached the store.

Blue Water Signs developed a graphic package with the customer that would both reduce the solar energy entering the retail space as well as make use of valuable advertising space on all other window surfaces around the entrance.  The window perf that was used was a 70/30 (70% solid/30% holes). 


The combination reduced the heat transmission so that the candies were not receiving the heat load they had in the past.  Soft and melted chocolates were a thing of the past after the installation.

Window Perf- A Solution for Many Applications

Friday, December 28, 2012

Window perf has become a very popular choice for advertising, not only on vehicles but also for retail spaces and business for a number of reasons.  For those that are not familiar with this material, window perf is a vinyl that has had lots of small holes punched into the material.  It has a black or very dark backing and because of this when applied to a window we can print full color graphics on the face and then apply to the window.  From the outside your customer and the public can see the graphics and from the inside you can still let the sun in see out like you are looking through a screened window.

The difference between what is used for retail spaces and that used for vehicles is the percentage of material to open area created by the holes.  For vehicles most states require that the material be no more than 50% closed or what is often referred to as 50/50.  For retail the material of choice is 70/30 (30% open and 70% solid material to print on).  The retail material can be more vivid due to the amount of ink that can be laid down.

Below are a couple of examples of applied window perf.  Window perf can be a great solution when you have open window space but you don't want to block your view.  Many retailers use window perfs on retail store fronts to keep the heat of the sun out.

Give Blue Water Signs a call to discuss and help you make your blank windows start working for you.

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