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The New "Face" of Digital Signage

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Digital signage has gone to a whole new level with facial recognition technology. It’s being used by The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Kraft Foods, Adidas and even a group of bar owners in Chicago. The technology scans the viewer’s facial features and tailors marketing messages to him or her. According to Christopher O’Malley, director of retail marketing in Intel’s embedded and communications group, “You can put this technology into kiosks, vending machines and digital signs.”

Despite the privacy issues, companies using facial-recognition technology just want to pinpoint a demographic based on age and gender. Then they can target their ads on-the-spot and get more immediate results.

While Harford County businesses, banks and churches may not be ready for facial recognition technology, digital signage itself is popping up all over the county in Maryland office signs, church signs, and medical office signs. Digital signs help to attract the younger generation, who are used to quick snippets of information and changing messages. With a proven higher viewer recall and retention of digitally displayed messages, digital signage content can break through all the media clutter targeted to the younger generation. It works because it’s woven into their lives - from laptop LCD displays to miniature media players.
We’re seeing digital signs mostly in retail areas, but the technology is evolving to include the financial, transportation and hospitality industries. With the right signage, software and message, the elusive younger generation will sit up and take notice.



Vehicle Graphics: Wraps

Monday, February 28, 2011

Vehicle Wraps are at the top of the vehicle graphics offerings. These are digitally printed designs that are adhered to the vehicle that can be used to advertise your company's products or to express your individual artistic resolve.

From a business standpoint, car wraps can provide some of the best advertising that you can purchase for your company. Take a look at the statistics below and think about how that can impact your bottom line.

Data from The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) says that:

  • 92% of people notice AND READ graphics on wrapped vehicles
  • 75% of consumers develop impressions about a company based on a vehicle wrap
  • 30% of consumers will make a buying decision based upon impressions gained from a wrapped vehicle.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions Graph

Take a close look at your budget and let Blue Water Signs help with your advertising program.

Vehicle Wraps - Partial Wraps

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vehicle wrap - Hyper MediaCar and truck wraps are one of the best ways to spend your advertising dollars. When compared to other forms of advertising, the cost per impression for vehicle wraps is far lower than other forms of advertising. The list below shows you how wrapping or lettering or vehicle stacks up against the other advertising. Comparing the CPM (Cost per Thousand) of different forms of advertising reveals the value of a vehicle wrap. The following statistics are from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America:

  1. In the top 100 Television Markets, a 30 second Prime time spot cost $17.78 per CPM
  2. In the top 100 Newspaper Markets, a one third page b/w ad cost $22.95 per CPM
  3. In 23 Magazine Publications, a 4 color one page ad cost $9.35 per CPM.
  4. In the top 100 Radio Markets, a 60 second drive time ad cost $8.61 per CPM.
  5. The average for all forms of Billboard ads cost $2.18 per CPM.
  6. Vehicle Wraps - $.77 per CPM!

Partial Wraps

Car Wrap - HGH MechanicalPartial wraps are the next step up from vehicle lettering we discussed in an earlier blog. This is the combination of vehicle lettering and the use of digital print material (high performance wrap material with protective overlaminate) that is used to highlight logos or to set apart and pull the eye to a specific region on the vehicle. The big advantage of these types of applications is that they can have a large impact on the visibility of your advertising, but because you are combining that with vinyl lettering it can often be done at a lower cost. Depending on the the use of specialty vinyls and the amount of wrap material used, it can be 30 to 60% of what a full wrap would be on a vehicle. So if you are a new company on a limited budget, Partial Wraps may be one of the top methods to get your name in front of the public.

Let us help you determine how to letter that vehicle and help you be seen on the streets.

Vehicle Lettering

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vehicle lettering: InopakThe verdict is in: vehicle graphics provide some of the best advertising for the dollars a company spends.

  • According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics.
  • The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated that a vehicle can generate between 30K – 70K impressions daily.
  • Studies effectively show vehicle graphics make name recognition more than 15 times greater.

These are just some of the statistics that have been generated that show the power of vehicle graphics and the impact they can have on your business. Vehicle lettering is the basics when it comes to what can be done with your car, truck, van or fleet vehicle. But, the basics can have a number of added twists that can really make an impression on the general public when they see your vehicle. Here are a few of the options that can make a lasting impression:

  1. Use multiple colors when working with your logo design and lettering. Just for one manufacturer and one quality level of vinyl there are over 60 standard colors, and when you look at their top of the line vinyl, there are over 100 colors.
  2. To make good use of those colors, you can add shadows and highlights to the lettering.
  3. You can add metallic colors to the design. On one black truck we lettered the vehicle with Chrome Vinyl.
  4. You can use reflective material for the letters or the highlights. Reflective material in the logo can be very effective.
  5. You can use one of the following specialty vinyls for greater impact:
    • Fluorescent colors
    • Wood Patterns
    • Camo in many patterns like: Advantage Max 4, Mossy Oak Break Up, Realtree All Purpose, Realtree Hardwoods, Mossy Oak Duck Blind
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Gold and Silver Leaf
    • Diamond Plate

Vehicle graphics: Hart to HeartEven though you may not have the budget to do a full wrap early on in the life of your company, you cannot afford to let the advertising advantage of vehicle go to waste. At a minimum, get your name in front of the public by lettering your company vehicle and then adding some pop by using some of the specialty vinyls and techniques to make it memorable to the public.

Let us help you determine how to letter that vehicle and help you be seen on the streets.

Don't Forget That Trailer

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Vehicle signage: Honey Do GuysHow many times have you seen a company truck pulling a blank white trailer down the street? You are looking at large blank billboard that could be used both as a moving sign for your company or a stationary that works 24-7, 365 days a year. Cargo trailers are great canvases to advertise your company for very little cost. Trailers can be wrapped just like a car or truck, or lettered, or a combination of both. We call these partial wraps because some portion of the design will be designed to use high performance wrap material. This material is printed using a digital printer and then laminated to protect the material and the inks from Ultraviolet light. The lettering can be done with a large array of colors and specialty vinyls such as metallics, reflective or even fluorescent colors. These specialty vinyls can be used to highlight phone numbers, web addresses or other items you want to highlight about your business.

Vehicle sign: Mt. SummitOne of the true benefits of using your trailer to advertise is that when you are on a job, the trailer can be parked in a location that provides maximum visibility. When you are back at the office, the trailer is parked outside, working for you even when you are not on the job. You may need to check with local restrictions for your development and neighborhoods as there may be restrictions on the parking of commercial vehicles.

Let us help turn that rolling canvas into a 24-7 advertising machine.

Get That Road Sign Noticed!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Pleasantville Farms road sign decorated for fallAs the season rolls into the fall there are many options to help bring attention to your sign and in turn to your business.

Balloons and ribbons are always a mainstay to help draw attention, but they need to be replaced on a regular basis. This time of year, businesses should take advantage of the season, using materials that are readily available and are identifiable with fall and the coming holidays.

Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and other fall foliage can make your sign stand out, and let potential customers know that your business has seasonal merchandise. Fall flowers such as mums and ornamental cabbage can also add color and distinction to your sign, helping to get it noticed. This is especially true if your business is off the main routes and is associated with being "out in the country."

Take advantage of what the fall brings naturally, and let it help step up your presence by improving your sign to attract more business.  

Farm Signs

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
farm sign for Wild West Farms in MDFarm signs have been around as long as farms have been. In the past it may have been as simple as a pile of stone placed in a specific pattern so everyone new the owner of the property behind the stones. We all remember the post and rail fence with the high board entrance that the cowboys rode under in the westerns.

Options: The Right Sign for Your Farm

Today there are a number of options available to farms that range from post and panel signs, blasted or carved signs placed on a monument or the simple hanging sign. The sign we will deal with today is the simple post and panel sign. The photo you see here is an example that we've created here at Blue Water Signs. 

These signs can take on different shapes from the panel being a simple square to some that have routed and sculptured edges. Panels are often made out of a marine grade painted plywood that has very good durability and is very stable in the weather for many years.

Other panels include cedar and redwood. Then there are aluminum clad polymers that are becoming more popular because of their cost and ability to withstand the elements. In an earlier post there were examples of routed signs in the park that can be used for farm signs.

The graphics on these signs can be printed, or cut from vinyl or a combination of both. When designing to use a printed sign the print must be protected from the elements, including the UV rays from the sun. There are two ways to achieve this protection: a liquid laminate that is sprayed or rolled onto the print, or a hard laminate that is rolled onto the print (either hot or cold). Either one of these solutions will add years to the life of the print on the sign.

Being located in a rural community, Blue Water Signs has lots of experience with designing and installing signs for local farms. We also know how important it is for that sign to reflect the character of the farm, yet still present a professional image to local customers. Please contact us for the opportunity to develop the perfect sign for your farm.

How Many People See Your Sign?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

When someone installs a sign in front of their business along a roadway they often ask "How many people will see my sign?" They know that a large volume of vehicle pass in front of their establishment but how many? What is the pay back on that sign?

When you speak of the performance of a sign you will often hear it referred to as the "cost per thousand impressions". This is often taken over a period of time, usually a yearly period. Advertising on your auto is usually one of the lowest but we will discuss that in another blog. For determining how much potential impact your stores sign may have we can rely on data that is gathered by our state's Department of Transportation. Have you ever seen the black hoses that stretch across the road and are connected to a box along the shoulder. There are over 3,000 Traffic count Stations and 79 Automatic Count locations that collect data that we can use to determine how many potential impressions a sign may have for a period of time. Data is collected during the week for a 72 hour period so the data we would be using is for the periods of Monday through Friday. The weekends are a bonus!

Let's look at the map for Cecil County along Route 40 in Elkton just east of Rt 213. On a daily bases 30,730 cars travel by that location daily during the work week. If you were to look at that on an annual basis that comes out to be 7,989,800 potential vehicles that go by on Rt 40 for those 52 weeks. It will be less because of holidays but that does not include weekend traffic. This includes those daily commuters that go by your store daily and see your message over and over. What do you want to tell them with your sign?

So if you look through DOT data for your state there is a wealth of information that can be used to help you determine if your sign will be seen by enough people to pay for the basic sign you were thinking of or an upgrade to a sign that allows you to be more visible.

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