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The Rap on Wraps – Advertise it here!

Friday, March 21, 2014

vehicle wrapVehicle wraps serve several purposes: protecting paint against wear and tear, changing the vehicle’s look and as advertising. For beginning advertisers, there are a few ways to get more rap for your wrap. Here’s why:

  1. It Moves! Vehicle wraps are moving billboards – if you think outdoor advertising is worth it, a vehicle wrap beats a highway billboard, hands down. Advertising on a vehicle wrap is like moving your highway billboard all over Maryland.
  2. It Grooves! Vehicle wraps are cool. They can turn an ordinary car into an attention-getting advertisement. They can also turn an ordinary ad into something people will read – on the go.
  3. It Soothes! Whether it’s just your company logo and tag line or a full-blown message to your customer, the idea of advertising on a moving vehicle is still novel enough that people will do a double-take – just long enough to see the “sponsor” of the crazy moving billboard.
  4. It adds value! In a nutshell, it gives you more bang for your buck. Your cost per impression goes down the more you drive the car around town or park it in a lot where your target audience plans to be.
  5. Keep it short! A shorter message is a more effective message. Or, as they say, “less is more.” Your car wrap can be memorable and attractive, without all the bells and whistles. Bold, vibrant graphics and large, readable lettering are what will ideally communicate your message to your customer and to many more potential customers.

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