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Wrappin’ It Up

Friday, June 28, 2013

vehicle wrapThis summer, vehicle wraps are big for cars, trucks and boats.  The wraps are effective for both business advertising and paint protection.  If you own a business and want a great moving billboard, consider wrapping your own car, truck or van with a custom-designed wrap that showcases your logo or your business.  It’s a cost-effective way to advertise in lots of locations.  Or, if you simply want to protect your vehicle or call attention to it, wraps are a great solution.  Today’s wrap materials are durable and attractive and by using the right application techniques, the wraps are seamless.

Be sure to enlist the help of a signage professional who has a track record of successful wrapping.  Often, he or she will work with a vehicle specialist.  Together, this team will make sure the content of the wrap is right for your needs – from the graphic design to the material – and they’ll professionally apply the wrap.  While it’s a cost-effective process, it’s also a time-consuming one when done properly. 

Make sure your sign professional has a climate-controlled environment for the installation.  Too much heat or humidity will affect the wrap adhesive.  The vehicle will have to be carefully measured and the wrap material custom fit, stretched properly and aligned.  The seams should be sealed properly and given time to “relax.”  Prep time and curing time are also required on the front and back ends of the installation.  These processes will ensure a secure wrap, and they will give the installer the time to make sure there is no peeling or warping. 

If you’re jumping on the wrap trend, take the time wrap it up right.

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