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Wall Graphics / Wall Spiders

Wall Spiders Show Room

"Wall Spiders" are custom removable wall graphics. They are made with a really unique vinyl material called Photo Tex. Photo Tex feels like a fabric, and can be applied and removed many, many times with no damage to the wall spider material or to the wall itself. Use Wall Spiders to decorate your home, office, or even your car!  

From Wall Decals to Wall Murals

Blue Water Signs has created everything from small wall decals (12 x 18 inches or less) to full wall murals, using a customer-supplied photo or original graphic, and the unique Photo Tex material. With an image taken using a hi-resolutions digital camera, parents can order life-size portraits of their kids in action - straight from the playing field to the bedroom wall! These images can be cut out completely (your child only), or include the full background (large rectangular shape) - or anything in between!

Wall Graphics for Business

Businesses frequently order wall graphics with their company logo to display on a lobby wall. This is a great option for small businesses that may not be able to afford a full, custom lighted wall sign. And the beauty of the Photo Tex material is that when you do decide the replace your stick-on logo with something more permanent in the lobby, the vinyl logo graphic is movable and still perfectly good to use elsewhere!  

Another common application for waiting rooms and daycare centers is the full or partial wall mural, which can add both color and class to otherwise boring walls.

Please contact a representative for more information on Wall Spiders wall graphics today! 

Check out these photos of Wall Spiders wall graphics for more examples. Click on an image to see it larger.

Note: While not exactly the same, Photo Tex Wall Spiders are similar to (and may be substituted for) other brands such as Fatheads and Wallies. Why pay for these brand names when you can have virtually the same product for less?